Rosanna Huyberts

Students participate in a variety of job training experiences within the local community. These are training experiences and students will not be paid while off-site. Training and supervision is provided by Lamphere Center staff. Placements are generally from one to five half days per week, with duration lasting a minimum of one semester. Students participating in this program are expected to follow basic dress codes and demonstrate appropriate social behavior. Emphasis is placed on learning specific job skills as well as maintaining work behaviors , with the goal of achieving supportive or competitive employment upon completion of the school program. Students selected for this program have exhibited work readiness behaviors within the school environment. Students' age, needs, interests and life goals are also taken into account for placement decisions.




Rosanna HuybertsCoordinator: Rosanna Huyberts 
Phone: (248) 589-3155

ParentPortal and StudentPortal are web applications that provide parents and students with direct access to data via the Internet.

Using a confidential PIN (personal identification number) and password, parents and studentscan connect to the school district’s student database using a web browser and view data, such as progress reports, attendance records, report cards, transcripts, and more.

ParentPortal allows the parent to view, in one session, data on all their enrolled dependents in the same district, across multiple school sites. StudentPortal allows the student to see only his/her information.