Message from Director Siems

Stephanie Siems

Lamphere Center is an Oakland County Special Education program for all designed to address the needs of students with various cognitive and behavioral challenges between the years of middle school and age 26.  The Lamphere Center community strives to prepare our students for active participation in daily life.  Our vision is to guide students in developing a comprehensive set of skills which will enable them to participate to the fullest extent possible in their community.


At Lamphere Center we believe:

  • Every student has the right to a quality education
  • Every experience is a learning opportunity
  • All people deserve respect and dignity
  • All schools should provide a safe and supportive environment
  • In the value of the individuality of each student
  • In a strong family, school, and community partnership
  • That we should prepare our students of today to become productive members of the community for tomorrow


To support our beliefs, our students participate in a variety of onsite and offsite project and work activities.  Please visit our Shop the Work Activity Center link on the left side of this page to view the variety of candy bouquets, wreaths, and other items the students create for sale.


Stephanie Siems, M. Ed.
Director of Lamphere Center

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Lamphere Announces FREE Breakfast for all students
Updated on 08/21/2019
Lamphere Schools will participate in the Oakland County “Better with Breakfast” program providing all students with a healthy school breakfast, beginning this school year on September 3. 
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It's a brand new way to connect to Lamphere Schools
Updated on 08/20/2019
A brand new way to connect to Lamphere, it’s our ParentPortal and StudentPortal mobile apps. 
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Read by Grade Three
Read by Grade Three
Updated on 04/01/2019
In 2016, the Michigan Legislature passed a law that requires schools to identify learners who are struggling with reading and writing and to provide additional help.  
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